The Soul Wardens

Sometimes referred to as the Two Swords or the Black Cloaks because of their trademark black armor and twin swords, the Soul Wardens are elite warriors answering to the Theyon. Little is known of these mysterious warriors, except that they are directly answerable only to Theyon and their loyalty to her transcends mortal bonds. Ostensibly little more than an honor guard, they are raised from childhood in a monastery on the outskirts of the capital city to be the penultimate fighters, the Soul Wardens are the embodiment of righteous violence. They travel throughout the empire and beyond.

Practicing a martial art known as Chal Iro, they move like coiled vipers whether wielding their twin swords or using their bare hands. Coupled with their training, their weapons and armor are invariably enchanted even though a violation of heretical law.

Those destined to become Soul Wardens are recruited in childhood from imperial orphanages.The first few years of their training entail indoctrination into the culture and ideals of the Soul Wardens. When they are old enough to begin their martial training, usually age nine, their education is supplement with training in Chal Iro. During these early years, there is as much academic education as there is martial training. Soul Wardens neophytes are not allowed to leave the monastery until they reach adolescence when they are allowed weekly trips to the local villages.

After completing the lengthy and rigorous training at the monastery, the young Soul Wardens are sent to their assignments. Though youthful in appearance, misjudging them as naive or immature is often a fatal mistake. Life’s experience simple hones the already sharp weapon that is a Soul Wardens.

The Tapestry of Truth

Supposedly nder the authority of the Dioed, the Tapestry of Truth has long since been a force unto itself. Brutal and efficient, they enforce the heretical laws of the empire answering to no one but their own inner circle, the Circle of Light. While the Circle of Light pays superficial homage to the Diọed and to the Unnamed Truth, the lower ranks of the Tapestry do even less. The Tapestry has been known to bring charges of heresy against even the members of the Dioed.

The Tapestry of Truth maintains a rigid hierarchy amongst its acolytes. Beneath the Circle of Light are the Truth Bringers (referred to derogatively as Truth Hunters), the men and women who actually enforce the laws of Heresy. They are followed by the Justicars. Whereas the Truth Bringers are the judges of heretical law, the Justicars are the inquisitors and enforcers of such law.

A second arm of the Tapestry is the Legion of Truth. Zealous soldiers culled from the ranks of the imperial legions, they often accompany Justicars and Truth Bringers as a guard. A guard, though, is hardly needed as most flee at the sight of the orange and white clad Truth Hunters.

Little more is known of the Tapestry of Truth. Their rituals, whether those of initiation or inquisition, are conducted in secret. Their history is buried under myth and fabrication.

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