Mercenary Companies

There are a numerous mercenary companies in Soulshard, providing services to mercantile houses and political powers. In a world were money is as potent as magic, to be a mercenary is not without its benefits. Below are some of the well-known mercenary companies, reputable and otherwise.

The Blacksong Company

The Blacksong Company is the most infamous mercenary organizations in Darejh. Loosely associated with House Ironsong, the company is based out of the city state of Cọnmaeir and led by Erichaya Song. Nearly 1,000 strong, its forces are sold to the highest bidder. Currently, they are under contract to the Empire of Iesadhe.

The regular forces of the Blacksong are divided into two lances of five hundred men each under the command of a First Lancer. In turn, each lance is divided into five points. The First Lance, the Black Dragons, along with the 1st, 4th, and 5th Points of the Second Lance, The Black Wolves, are spread across the northern border of Iesadhe in support of the imperial legions standing as a first line of defense against the Tharged. The 2nd and 3rd Points of the Second Lance remain in the confederacy.

Erichaya Song is a mercenary dedicated to coin first and foremost. Though of Conmaeir origin, her loyalty is always to the current contract holder. The company harbors no prejudices and many who would find work difficult elsewhere have been welcomed into the Blacksong Company. As long as a man or woman can fight and will follow the company's code of conduct, they are welcome. Thus, one can find Aethani scouts and Githzerai psionicists amongst the ranks of the Blacksong.

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