The known world consists of two major landmasses. Dhaere is the larger of the two and lies in the northern hemisphere; Aren Doael is the smaller landmass and lies in the southern hemisphere. Geographic barriers have divided Dhaere into two continents, Darejh in the east and Gael Dar in the west.



Darejh is the name given to the eastern continent of Dhaere by the Aethani Elves. An immense landmass, the desolate tundra of the northern steppe is separated from the fertile plains of the interior by a range of massive mountains, known as the Shiv Katham Mountains. Perpetually blanketed in snow and soaring into the clouds, the only means of traversing this range is a treacherous route known as Widow's Grief Pass. North of the Tundra, the continent is little more than massive sheets of ice that continue as far as any man has traveled. To the northeast, lie a scattering of ice-covered islands, known simply as the White Islands.

In turn, the plains of the interior blend into scrub land and barren desert in the south. The river Iesadhe, the widest in the known world, and its innumerable tributaries cleave a path throughout Darejh, leaving only the peninsula of Sheinar and the southeastern desert untouched. The Iesadhe River and its major tributaries, Dalesule and Sọjourdhe wending toward the southeast and the southwest respectively, are the lifeblood of the fertile plains of the continent. The major cities of the empire are found on the banks of the three rivers.

Separated from the interior by the craggy cliffs of the Ironbreak range of mountains, the Sheinar peninsula is little more than scrub land, its meager resources harnessed by the strong willed people of the confederacy. Dry and barren, the settlements of the Sheinari are found along its long coastline. Forests are peppered throughout the region, home to creatures never seen.

Darejh is separated from the western side of the continent by a barren wasteland of volcanic rifts and blistering desert. This no man's land is referred to as The Great Pale by the Aethani and most have adopted this name. Once thought uninhabited, the arrival of the Tharged tribes from its interior has quickly changed that opinion. Imperial soldiers, adventurers, and explorers now return with tales of fantastic creatures that survive in an inhospitable land.

To the east are the turbulent and frigid waters of the Iesadhe Sea. A number of islands are scattered along the eastern coast, which can be seen from the fishing villages on clear summer days. The Dragonhold Islands, an archipelago of two large islands and a scattering of dozens of smaller ones, lie a hundred miles of the southeastern coast. Currently uninhabited except for the hidden coves of pirates, they are peppered with ruins and towering monoliths from some long forgotten culture. The islands get their name from the carved dragon head monuments found on each island.

The Coreyal Islands, home to a number of Halfling kingdoms, lie to the east. The largest of the islands, as would be expected is Coreyal. Scattered around it like attendants are the smaller islands of Bermyal, Jaimac, and Tahist.

The Sea of Iesadhe cuts into the continent in the southeast, creating two small seas – The Sea of Sheinar and the Bay of Tranquility. The Bay of Tranquility has a number of small uninhabited islands and two large inhabited ones. The first of these is Durgha, a rocky land with sheer cliffs and a small strip of beach, is home to the Imperial penal colony; the second inhabited island, Rebirth, is home to the small pilgrimage site of Rinbhe, where the First Prophet of the Dhomestic faith was exiled by his father.

Gael Dar

Beyond The Great Pale, lies the western continent of Gael Dar. These lands are home to a numerous warring principalities and kingdoms. The only contact between the people of Gael Dar and Darejh is through the Sheinar merchant ships that ply the trades routes and missionaries spreading the word of Dhọm. Those who have returned, describe the Gael Dari as primitives and backward, though such an impression may be simple arrogance.

Aren Doael

Beyond the Sea of Tranquility lies the southeastern continent of Aren Doael. A land of blistering deserts and sweltering jungles, small nations rise in isolated oases of civilization. It is home to human nomads, the dark empire of the Lysaeto Elves, and the cannabilistic, savage Halflings of the Bryl jungle. The land holds many riches and the Sheinar trade houses have established footholds in the coastal cities and towns of this land.

A vast jungle spreads across the northwest of the continent, fed by the Bryl river. The jungle is home to innumerable flora and fauna, many of which remain uncatalogued even by the prodigious explorers and researchers of the Sheinar universities.

East of the Bryl jungle is the Ambari desert, home to the Lysaeto Empire. Both jungle and desert blend into scrubland and plains in the interior of the continent. Further south, one finds the deep, miles long chasm that splits the southern part of the continent in half. Known as Deephold by the dwarven inhabitants, it is a geographic anomaly that remains barely explored by those outside the dwarven nation.

The Island of Madogar lies to the west of the continent, its primary feature a massive, dormant volcano that rests in the center, known as Mado by the inhabitants. Surrounding the volcano is a dense jungle.

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