Soulshard is set in a world of theocratic empires and prosperous city-states. It is a world were A recently found peace has allowed explorers to venture out beyond the known world to discover new civilizations, ancient ruins, and creatures never before seen.

The term, Soulshard, comes from the Avatar-Emperor of the greatest power in the known world, the Empire of Iesadhe. Embedded with a shard from the soul of God himself, the Avatar-Emperor is a being of unequaled power, forever reborn to lead the might theocracy.

Within Soulshard, one may venture into the desolate waste of the Great Pale, explore the ancient ruins of the Dragonhold Islands, venture into the unknown depths of the Bryl jungle.

Soulshard is also a setting of mercantile intrigue and political machinations. It is a setting where adventurers become pawns in games of money and power.

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